Odin at Devils Den

As soon as I got Odin over two years ago, the first thing I started looking for was a heavy duty dog harness that would not break the bank. It was during this search that I first became familiar with Onetigris. At that time, they had a few different dog harnesses. Now, they have expanded into a great line of tactical gear.

Back of Mojo Harness

In the last 20 years, I have been using, reviewing, modifying, and designing tactical gear. Onetrigris is making bombproof gear at great prices along with a lifetime guarantee. To read my original review of the Military Patrol Dog Harness, click HERE.

When we got Duffy, the Patterdale Terrier, and decided that we were going to use him as a Therapy Dog, I did’t think I would be able to find a cool vest for him because of his small size. I was excited when I went looking and realized that Onetigris had come out with the Beast Mojo Tactical Dog Harness for small and medium dogs.

The two primary reasons for your dog wearing a vest/harness are for identification and load bearing. In Odin’s and Duffy’s case as working dogs, it is primarily for identification. It helps for people to easily identify if they are a pet or a working dog. Load bearing is accomplished by attaching MOLLE or Velcro backed pouches to hold various items like poop bags, water, treats, and first aid gear. There is a third use and it is here that we need to explain the deviation between what people commonly think of when you say dog harness and what a tactical type dog harness is. Professionally, we don’t encourage the use of regular dog harnesses because they only give dogs more power to pull. However, military type dog harnesses have either front or rear attachment points and sometimes both. They are used not so much to control dogs as they are used on trained dogs for tracking work.

Not recommended
Duffy hanging around.

Typically, military/police style harnesses and vests have one or more grab handles on the back of the vest. Originally meant for close quarters control fo the working dog, they have now been heavily adopted for use with service dogs to aid in mobility work. The Mojo has one on the back so you can carry your dog like a suitcase. You can see Duffy is very relaxed, comfortable, and supported. This is great for a service dog since it allows him to be easily put on the laps of people in wheelchairs and beds.

The Velcro panels are great for identification or morale patches. My favorite feature of the Mojo that was not on Odin’s vest was the addition of webbing keepers. Odin was so small at the time that I had to cut off some of the webbing after adjustment. With the Mojo, that is a non issue because of the webbing keepers at the end of the webbing. These allow you to roll up and secure the excess webbing.

Duffy doing his thing

After some “field” use, I will do an update. But, I already know from experience the only thing that is going to happen is the harness will get dirty. Onetigris gear is made for hard use. If you are looking for a vest/harness for your dog and hate replacing junk, check out Onetigris. They have a harness to suit your needs.

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